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Радиоклубы большого Торонто

The Barrie ARC Inc.
PO Box 254, L4M 4T4
Meetings Day/Time: 7:30 p.m. on the 2nd Tuesday of the month (except Jul and August)
Meeting Location: Rowntree Theatre at Georgian College
Classes Offered: Yes
Contact Name/telno/e-mail/pkt: Brad Ford VE3SLI/(705) 456-3656 / ve3gcb@rac.ca
Repeater(s) for Member Contact: VE3RAG 147.000 MHz(+),
Web Site URL: http://www.bconnex.net/~barc/

Brampton - PEEL Amateur Radio Club (PARC)
PO Box 23532, Centennial Postal Outlet, Brampton, ON, L6V 4J4.
Meetings Day/Time: 1st Tuesday of the month /7:30 PM
Meeting Location: Scout House, 10747 Heart Lake Road, Brampton; Just north of Sandlewood Parkway
Classes Offered: Yes
Contact Name/telno/e-mail/pkt: Peter Taylor, President/VE3DRS/ ve3drs@rac.ca
Repeater(s) for Member Contact:
VE3PRC 146.880 MHz(-),
VE3PRC 53.190 MHz(-)
VE3PRC 443.550 MHz(+).
Web Site URL: http://www.peelarc.org/

Cambridge ARC
264 Fearnwood Street, N3C 3W9
Meetings Day/Time: 2nd Monday, Sep to Jun / 2000 local
Meeting Location: Preston Arena
Classes Offered: n/a
Contact Name/telno/e-mail/pkt: Fraser Cooper VE3FC/519 650 0342/ ve3fc@rac.ca /va3mga@va3sed.#swon.on.can.noam
Repeater(s) for Member Contact: VE3SWR 146.790 (-)
Web Site URL: n/a

Etobicoke, Skywide ARC
PO Box 36503, Cloverdale Mall,
250 The East Mall , M9B 6K9

Hamilton Amateur Radio Club
PO Box 91215, Effort Square PO
Hamilton Ontario L8N 4G4
Meetings Day/Time: 3rd Wed., Sept-June /8 PM,
Meeting Location: St. John"s Ambulance Bldg, 500 Upper Wellington St.
Classes Offered: yes
Contact Name/telno/e-mail/pkt: Fred Robinson VE3GCP/(905) 575-5197/ FredRobinson@Mountaincable.net
Repeater(s) for Member Contact: VE3NCF 146.760 / 600-
Web Site URL: http://www.hwcn.org/link/harc/

London Amateur Radio Club Inc
Box 82, Station B London Ontario N6A 4V3
Meetings Day/Time: 2nd Thursday of every month except for July and August/19:30
Meeting Location: 1537 Adelaide Street North, St. Judes Anglican Church
Classes Offered: yes
Contact Name/telno/e-mail/pkt: President VE3HBB/1-519-474-3545/ VE3HBB@RAC.CA
Repeater(s) for Member Contact: VA3LON 147.060
Web Site URL: http://www.larc.on.ca/

Mississauga Amateur Radio Club
POB 2003 Square One Post Office
Mississauga Ontario L5B 3C6
Meetings Day/Time: Second and fourth Thursdays of the month, September through June/19:30 local time
Meeting Location: Scout Hall, 80 King St. West, Mississauga (see web site for map)
Classes Offered: yes
Contact Name/telno/e-mail/pkt: Lorne Jackson VE3CXT/ 905 858 8594/ ve3cxt@rac.ca
Repeater(s) for Member Contact: VE3MIS 145.430 - , VE3MIS 444.575 +
Web Site URL: http://www.marc.on.ca/

Oshawa, North Shore A.R.C
P.O.Box 171, Oshawa, ON, L1T 2Y9
Meetings Day/Time: 2nd Tuesday of the month (except Jul and Aug)/ 7:30 p.m
Meeting Location: Canadian Red Cross 2nd floor, north end, Oshawa Centre
Classes Offered: Yes
Contact Name/telno/e-mail/pkt: VE3LKS/(905) 437-7339/ lsolomon@osha.igs.net
Repeater(s) for Member Contact: VE3OSH 147.120 MHz(+), VE3NAA 443.000 MHz(+), packet VE3USH 144.970 MHz
Web Site URL: http://www.osha.igs.net/~lsolomon/nsarc/nsarc.htm

Oakville Amateur Radio Club Inc (OARC)
PO Box 69615, 109 Thomas St Oakville ON L6J 7R4
Meetings Day/Time: 2nd Monday/7pm
Meeting Location: Red Cross Building
Classes Offered: yes
Contact Name/telno/e-mail/pkt: Doug Smith VE3RG info@oakvilleamateurs.net
Repeater(s) for Member Contact: VE3OAK 147.015, 444.325, 145.750 (dig)
Web Site URL: http://www.oakvilleamateurs.net/

P.O. Box 161, Station "A", Willowdale, ON, M2N 5S8.
Meetings Day/Time: 3rd Wednesday of the month, Sept - May,7:30 p.m
Meeting Location: Don Mills Public Library
Classes Offered: No
Contact Name/telno/e-mail/pkt: ODXA@COMPUSERVE.COM VE3ODX @ VA3BBS
Repeater(s) for Member Contact: VA3ODX 442.375 MHz(+).
Web Site URL: http://www.odxa.on.ca/

Scarborough ARC
Leaside ARC,
101 Sharpe Street, M1N 3T9

The Thornhill Radio Amateurs' Club
P.O. Box 53085, 10 Royal Orchard Blvd.Thornhill Ontario L3T 7R9
Meetings Day/Time: 3rd Wed except July & Aug/7:30pm
Meeting Location: http://www3.sympatico.ca/jrlittle/tracorg.htm
Classes Offered: yes
Contact Name/telno/e-mail/pkt: John Little VE3TRL/(905) 883-0502/ VE3TRL@rac.ca
Repeater(s) for Member Contact:
VE3TTY 146.700 (-)
VE3UHR 444.250 (+)
Web Site URL: http://www.trac.ca/

Hart House Amateur Radio Club
Hart House, University of Toronto, 7 Hart House Circle, Toronto Ontario M5S 3H3
Meetings Day/Time: Monthly/17:30
Meeting Location: Hart House, University of Toronto
Classes Offered: no
Contact Name/telno/e-mail/pkt: Daniel Kekez VA3KKZ/416-924-4700/ daniel.kekez@utoronto.ca
Repeater(s) for Member Contact:
Web Site URL: http://www.ecf.utoronto.ca/~radio/

Windsor, Border City Radio Club
P.O. Box 1171 Windsor Ontario N9A 6P8
Meetings Day/Time: Third Monday of the month/7:30 PM
Meeting Location: Windsor Family Credit Union, 2800 Tecumseh Rd. East
Classes Offered: yes
Contact Name/telno/e-mail/pkt: Dan Kennedy VE3VOG 519-735-6611 dmkennedy@sprint.ca
Club e-Mail: ve3wht@rac.ca
Repeater(s) for Member Contact: VE3WIN 147.000, VE3BBB 147.390
Web Site URL: http://www.stclairc.on.ca/people/pages/kgarber/bcrc/index.htm

P.O.Box 28590, Aurora, ON, L4G 6S6.
Meetings Day/Time: 1st Tuesday of the month (except Jul and Aug) at 8:00 p.m.
Meeting Location: Old Town Hall on Botsford Street in Newmarket
Classes Offered: Yes
Contact Name/telno/e-mail/pkt: Doug Holmes VE3CWO /VE3CWO@rac.ca
Repeater(s) for Member Contact:
VE3YRA 145.350 MHz(-), VE3YRC/2 147.225 MHz(+) and VE3YRC/4 444.225 MHz,
ATV repeater video input 443.75 MHz, output 1253.25 MHz;
audio input 443.75 MHz, output 1257.75 MHz.
Packet repeaters VE3YRA : 144.930 MHZ at 1200 baud, 147.510 MHz at 1200 & 9600 baud, 223.800 MHz at 9600 baud, 445.950 MHz at 1200 baud.
Web Site URL: http://yrarc.on.ca/

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